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European Books Ltd. has the experience to serve the library industry for nearly two decades and been the publisher and the expert distributor of choice for the librarians worldwide and specialized in supply to the academic institutions,schools,colleges, national and public libraries etc. Our collections are available to them through annual subscription.

EduScholarships Index (Worldwide Directory of Scholarships for Students ) is one of the well-known e-resources of European Books and is the only and overall source of the information covering the details on more than 2 million scholarships available for the university students (bachelors, masters,doctorates/PhDs) and for the students of kindergartens, primary schools (grades 1-4), secondary schools (grades 5-8), high schools (grades 9-12).

The students from all over the world can search the scholarships available for them by the country where they study or will/plan to study and the study level and the discipline

University Libraries, National and Public Libraries and the libraries of all kinds of educational institutions including; kindergartens/ primary schools/ secondary schools/ high schools/ colleges/ institutes/ private educational institutions/ ministries/ faculties, departments, centers in the universities and any other kinds of educational institutions can subscribe EduScholarships Index to make it accessable to their users and the students so that they can access and benefit
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